2 Ghazi University Professors Held in Student Rape Case

Two professors from Ghazi University have been arrested by Gaddai police as suspects in a student rape case. Meanwhile, another case has been filed against them for threats issued to the victim’s father.

The university’s handling of sexual harassment complaints and the absence of an operational syndicate committee have raised concerns about its reputation. The professors initially faced allegations of harassment, which later escalated to a formal rape complaint.

Despite committee recommendations for dismissal, the whistleblowing professors who exposed the case are reportedly being victimized, leading to a wave of resignations from faculty members in protest. The suspension of the accused professors awaits a syndicate committee decision that remains stalled due to changes in the provincial government.


Two DHQ paramedics arrested for rape bid in Narowal

Two DHQ hospital paramedics have been arrested for attempting to rape a young mother of a baby patient in Narowal. The incident occurred when the woman’s daughter went to the hospital’s laboratory for her baby’s tests.

The suspects, posing as hospital dispensers, lured her to the administration block and tried to assault her in a washroom around 12:30 am. Prompt action by hospital security led to their apprehension and subsequent police involvement. Both suspects are now in custody.

Reportedly the victim was sexually assaulted, but due to her economic status, the case is being treated as an attempted rape. Allegations have also arisen that the hospital administration attempted to suppress the matter and harassed the victim’s family. The hospital’s officials claim to be unaware of the incident, with the CEO seeking a report on the incident.


Father allegedly tortures and kills 12-year-old daughter in Mardan

In Chamrang village of Garikapoora, a man reportedly killed his minor daughter through torture on Saturday. The victim, identified as Thania Gul, 12, was allegedly beaten to death by her father, Zahoor Mohammad.

Initial investigations by Garikapoora police suggest that the incident stemmed from the daughter accepting food brought by her grandfather for cooking, leading to an argument with her father.

The accused, known to have strained relations with both his father and his second wife, had remarried after divorcing his first wife. The police have filed an FIR against the father, who fled the scene and is currently at large.


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