Principal arrested for alleged molestation attempt on student

A private school principal was detained after accusations of inappropriate behaviour with a minor student. The arrest followed a complaint by the student’s father, who claimed the principal attempted to molest his six-year-old daughter.

The police have filed charges under sections 377 and 342 of the Pakistan Penal Code. A private school union has called for a thorough investigation.


Series of Horrific Sexual Assaults in DijiKot

A woman was sexually assaulted in the 85GB area. Her husband reported that Yasir and accomplices entered their home, where Yasir raped her at gunpoint.

Similarly, in the 552GB area, a boy was sexually assaulted by Aftab and four others. Additionally, Ansar Ali was accused of attempted molestation, and Ashfaq of trying to assault a 14-year-old girl in the 452GB area.

The victims thwarted these attempts by raising alarms. The police have registered cases for these incidents and are actively pursuing the suspects.


Woman Kidnapped and Extorted Rs2 Million by Blackmailers Threatening Explicit Photos

In Dijikot, Blackmailers have abducted a woman, extorting Rs2 million from her by threatening to expose explicit photos. The victim’s husband, working in Saudi Arabia, reported the incident.

He revealed that Saadat Ali obtained inappropriate pictures of his wife, demanding Rs280,000 initially. Later, Ali escalated the demand to Rs2 million, coercing the woman to sell her property and pay. Despite her payment, Ali and his associates abducted her, along with her jewellery. The police have filed a case against Ali, Idris, Waseem Shah, Khizer Hayat, and Yousuf for abduction, theft, and blackmail.


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