Another woman ‘raped’ in Islamabad

A married woman was allegedly abducted and subjected to gang rape and later released after a day-long confinement, police said on Thursday.

According to the police, the woman came from Faisalabad to visit his stepbrother a week ago. On Aug 8, she was went missing. After returning home she told her stepbrother that three persons raped her and later dropped her near her home.


Policeman Accused of Torturing Wife Over Dowry

Sialkot police filed an FIR against a constable, Waqas Nazir, for allegedly torturing and burning his wife, Mubeen Fatima, due to dowry disputes. Fatima’s father, Tariq Mahmood, reported that his daughter was abused and even set on fire by her husband.

When confronted, Nazir threatened to kill Mahmood. Fatima is currently receiving treatment in Pasrur’s Tehsil Headquarters Hospital. The police have suspended Nazir and initiated an inquiry, though he remains at large. Additionally, Nazir threatened a journalist, which has been added to the FIR.


Woman Murdered by In-laws in TAXILA

In Kawwan village, Hassanabdal, a woman named Najma Alam was fatally shot by her in-laws. She had been married to Sharafat Khan for 15 years and had no children, leading to tensions with her in-laws.

Following a heated argument, her husband, his brother Shafqat Khan, and father Waris Khan killed her. The suspects fled the scene, and Najma’s body was taken to the tehsil headquarters hospital for autopsy.


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