Man arrested for alleged honour killing of wife

A man has been apprehended for the suspected honor killing of his wife after her body was discovered in the Kabul River.

The police investigation led to the arrest of the suspect, identified as Younas, who confessed to killing his wife and disposing of her body using a hand cart. Further details are expected to emerge as the investigation progresses.

7-year-old girl raped

In Islamabad, the young girl was kidnapped and raped after being taken by her aunt’s brother-in-law.

The victim’s grandmother reported her disappearance, and the police located the girl with the perpetrator. The girl returned home traumatized, revealing that she was forcibly raped in his residence.

The alleged rapist was arrested, and a first information report was filed against him.


Man arrested for assaulting Afghan child in Kohat

In Kohat, the 5-year-old Afghan child was assaulted by a man who took him to nearby fields. The child’s father reported the incident to the police after his son came home crying.

Following an investigation, the police arrested the perpetrator, who was a resident of the area. Medical examinations confirmed the assault, and the accused was charged under the Child Protection Act.



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