Student Threatens Suicide Unless Rapists Arrested for Sharing Explicit Videos Online

A university student in Muzaffargarh has threatened suicide unless the police arrest four suspects who raped her and shared explicit videos online. She appeals to top authorities for urgent action. The suspects have been booked on charges of rape, blackmail, and pornography. The main suspect has fled the country.

The victim recounts that she was drugged and assaulted by her relative, who then blackmailed and raped her with the involvement of three other men. Shehr Sultan police took action based on her application, registering a case against the identified suspects. The Federal Investigation Agency is expected to handle the case due to the use of social media for blackmailing.


Man Arrested Three Months After Killing Daughter in Haripur

A man who fatally shot his daughter in Ramazan approximately three months ago was apprehended by the police on Saturday. The murder occurred on April 2, 2023, falling under the jurisdiction of Saddar police station.

The accused, Muhammad Ashraf, had been evading capture since the incident. Acting on the orders of DPO Haripur Mohammad Umar Khan, the police conducted a successful raid at the bank of Tarbela Lake, leading to the arrest of the suspect. The investigation into the case is ongoing.


Over 170 Booked in Double Murder Case Following Violent Village Invasion in Sindh’s Narch

Over 170 people have been booked for invading Narch village in Sindh’s Narch, resulting in a double murder. The invaders, riding motorcycles, fired at houses, supposedly in retaliation for an alleged kidnapping. Two youths were killed, and several others were injured in the attack. The police rescued two women and a girl who had been taken hostage.

Eight suspects have been detained, while the search for more continues. The incident arose from the disappearance of a woman from the Mahar community, with conflicting claims about her departure being linked to a consensual marriage. The whereabouts of the central figures involved remain unknown, and the police assure to ensure their safety if it is indeed a matter of a consensual marriage.



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