Two Individuals Charged for Raping Children in Lahore

Two individuals are being charged by the Shahdara police for the rape of three children. The suspects allegedly enticed the children, aged 5 to 10 years, to nearby fields where the crime occurred.

The families of the victims reported the incident to the police after noticing signs of distress and bloodstains on the children’s faces. The rapists had threatened the children, warning them not to tell their parents or authorities. The police have formed teams to arrest the suspects, who reside in the same area as the children.


Two Girls Abducted by Armed Men in Dadu

Two girls were kidnapped in Dadu town on Thursday. In the first incident, Syed Said Hussain Shah filed a complaint at Dadu town police station, accusing Barkat and Liaquat of kidnapping his young cousin in Mohammad Shah Colony.

Similarly, in another incident, armed men abducted a girl in the Buth locality. The girl’s father, Mohammad Hashim Charan, registered an FIR at Dadu town police station, accusing Yousuf Dahiri of kidnapping his daughter at gunpoint.


Islamia University Chief Arrested with Drugs and Objectionable Videos

Islamia University Bahawalpur’s chief security officer was apprehended by Baghdadul Jadid police for possessing drugs and objectionable videos of officials and students.

During the arrest, police found ice (crystal meth) and aphrodisiacs in his possession along with the incriminating videos on his two mobile phones. The suspect, Syed Ejaz Hussain Shah, admitted to using and selling drugs, and the objectionable videos reportedly involved officials from various university departments and female students.

The university has not responded to media inquiries regarding the incident.


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