Ex-spouse identified as killer of woman, daughter

Police apprehend individuals responsible for the murder of a mother and her 13-year-old daughter in Babey Da Lahore village. Suspects Ansar Iqbal and Ghazanfar Gill, previously involved in a gang-rape case, were arrested. Fauzia Naseem and her daughter Mishaal Fatima were fatally shot while asleep at home.

Ansar, the former husband of the deceased woman, confessed to planning the murder due to her constant complaints against him and losing custody of their daughter. The police recovered the murder weapon and discovered the suspects’ involvement in a prior gang rape case. Further investigation is ongoing.


Eight-Year-Old Girl Sexually Assaulted in Islamabad

An eight-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in Hamdani Town, Islamabad. The girl had gone out to play with her brother and other children but went missing. After searching for her, the girl’s mother found her frightened on a street in the neighborhood.

The girl revealed that she had been raped by some individuals. The police were informed, and the girl is currently receiving medical treatment at a hospital. Witnesses reported seeing two people fleeing the scene. Authorities have registered a case with the Shahzad Town police.


Woman Seeking Employment Raped in Ghauri Town, Islamabad

A woman looking for employment was raped in Ghauri Town, Islamabad. The perpetrator lured the victim to his property office by promising her a job. The woman went to the office accompanied by a friend.

However, once inside, the suspect asked the friend to leave and proceeded to rape the woman. The police are actively investigating the case and seeking justice for the victim.



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