Man allegedly kills pregnant wife with brother’s assistance in Lodhran

A man is accused of strangling his pregnant wife and concealing her body in a drain with the help of his brother.

The police have filed a case and arrested the brother, while efforts are being made to apprehend the main suspect. The victim, who was four months pregnant, was found dead with her hands tied around her neck.

The father of the deceased claims that the husband, motivated by greed for jewellery, murdered her.


More Boys Than Girls Face Sexual Abuse in Punjab Within Six Months

A report from the home department of Punjab reportedly reveals that within a six-month period, more boys than girls have been subjected to sexual abuse.

The report highlights concerns over the rising crime rate and identifies neighbors as the largest group of perpetrators. It emphasizes the challenges of controlling child abuse, including underreporting due to fear and cultural taboos, as well as parents’ reluctance to involve authorities.

The report suggests various factors contributing to child abuse, such as socio-economic stresses and lack of support. While laws have been enacted, effective implementation and coordination among agencies are crucial for justice and prevention.


Man Arrested for Forcing Wife into Pornographic Acts in Rawalpindi

A man has been arrested for allegedly coercing his wife into engaging in sexual acts with his friends to create a pornographic video. The incident was reported two weeks ago, and the main suspect, Muhammad Naveed, has been taken into custody while his accomplice, Amir Qureshi, remains at large.

The victim filed a police report on June 30, accusing her husband of facilitating her rape at gunpoint by his friend. The police formed a high-level team to investigate the case and apprehend the suspect. Efforts were made to capture Naveed, who is the primary accused, as described in the First Information Report (FIR).


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