Honour Killing: Three Lives Lost in Shikarpur due to Karo-Kari

Three lives were claimed in Shikarpur due to the Karo-Kari honour. In village Jummo Mahar near Lakhi Ghulam Shah, Abdul Hakeem Mahar allegedly shot and killed his 17-year-old daughter, Hafiza, and her alleged lover, Muhammad Sachal Mahar.

The accused surrendered to Rustam police station with a firearm, confessing that he couldn’t control his emotions upon finding the girls in an inappropriate situation.

In another incident in village Mahaboob Maarfani near Sultankot, Gul Sheer, son of Luqman Maarfani, was brutally murdered with an axe by two suspects associated with Karo-Kari. The police transferred the body to Sultan Kot Hospital and later handed it over to the victim’s parents after conducting a post-mortem examination.


Suspect Captured in Sexual Assault Case of Veiled Woman

Police have apprehended a suspect and seized a motorcycle in connection with a sexual assault case involving a veiled woman in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi. The suspect closely resembles the person seen in the CCTV footage, and the impounded motorcycle matches the one in the video.

The incident occurred in Mughal Hazara Goth and gained widespread attention after the viral footage depicted the suspect attempting to assault the woman, who courageously fought back. The suspect managed to escape on the motorcycle.


Punjab Police Registers 10,365 Cases of Violence Against Women in Four Months: SSDO Report

The Punjab Police have registered 10,365 cases of violence against women in a four-month period, according to a report by the Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO). The report also states that 1,768 cases of violence against children were reported during the same period.

The actual number of unreported cases is believed to be even higher due to social stigmas and lack of faith in law enforcement. Kidnapping of women was the most prevalent crime, with 5,551 cases reported, and Lahore had the highest number of cases. Other crimes included physical assault, rape, human trafficking, domestic violence, and honor killings.

The report aims to draw attention to the alarming levels of violence against women and children in Punjab and urges policymakers to address the issue. The data was obtained through a “Right to Information” request to the Punjab Police.


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