Peshawar High Court Grants Bail to Five Suspects in Teenage Girl Rape Case Following Victim’s Compromise

Five suspects in the rape case of a teenage girl in Swat district have been granted bail by the Peshawar High Court Mingora Bench. The decision was made after the alleged victim reached a compromise with the accused and forgave them.

Justice Shahid Khan accepted two bail petitions from the suspects, requiring them to provide two sureties of Rs200,000 each. The court considered the possibility of further inquiry and the existence of other grounds for the accused, stating that a compromise could be considered for bail. The court referred to previous judgments, including one from the Supreme Court of Pakistan, emphasizing that the complainant cannot be compelled to continue the prosecution if they are no longer willing.

The trial court had previously rejected the suspects’ bail pleas, citing supporting evidence and the serious nature of the offenses.


Woman shot dead in Lahore

A married woman, aged 26, was fatally shot in the vicinity of Manawala Main Bazaar on Bedian Road, Heir, on Sunday. The individual who lost her life has been identified as Anam Shahzadi, the wife of Gul Sher.

The incident occurred as a consequence of Gul Sher’s second marriage. The body has been transported to the morgue.


WLIP Demands Better Protection for Female Lawyers, Calls for Amendments to Act

Women in Law Initiative Pakistan (WLIP) demands better protection for female lawyers, including maternity leave and daycare policies. They want amendments to the Lawyers Protection and Welfare Act to address gender-based violence.

WLIP also calls for online voting in bar elections and technological advancements for improved accessibility. They advocate for an independent office of legal ombudsperson and fair representation in judicial appointments. They oppose seniority-based technicalities and emphasize the need for an independent bar for an independent judiciary.


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