Chief Justice Inaugurates Women Facilitation Desk and Waiting Area at Peshawar High Court

Peshawar High Court’s Chief Justice, Musarrat Hilali, has inaugurated a women facilitation desk and waiting area within the court premises. The objective of these facilities is to provide a suitable environment for women litigants, offering access to information about their cases and free legal assistance.

Additionally, women can privately wait during their court hearings in the designated area. The presidents of the PHC Bar Association and Peshawar District Bar Association expressed gratitude to the chief justice for supporting these initiatives, considering them significant steps towards women’s inclusion in the judicial system. They expressed hope for continued gender-sensitive support from the high court in the future.


Suspect Arrested in Multan Triple Murder Case over Property Dispute

Suspect apprehended for killing three women in Multan due to property dispute. Zahid, the accused, was arrested by the police in Lahore today. The recovered weapon was used in the murders.

RPO Multan, Sohail Chaudhry, confirmed that Zahid committed the triple murder over the property dispute and had been in hiding since then. A thorough investigation has been initiated following the suspect’s arrest.

The bodies of the three women, identified as Shamshad Anwar, Nasreen Akhtar, and Samiya Akhtar, aged between 25 and 52, were discovered in a house in the city yesterday.


Gender Gap Progress Slow: Full Equality Unlikely Until 2154, Says WEF Report

The gender gap has only closed by 0.3% since last year, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2023. At this rate, it will take until 2154 to achieve full gender equality.

The report assesses gender parity in 146 countries based on economic participation, education, health, and politics. Overall parity has improved by 4.1% since 2006. The Covid-19 pandemic and other crises have caused setbacks. Iceland leads the rankings, with a 91.2% gender gap closure. Other top countries include Norway, Finland, Sweden, and New Zealand.



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