Another Rape Incident in Islamabad

Another girl was raped in the capital, adding to the recent surge in such crimes.

The victim, a young girl, was deceived by a man who promised her a job interview. However, he took her to a guest house in F-7/4 and subjected her to two instances of rape. The victim, who supports her family, bravely reported the incident, leading to a case being registered at Kohsar police station.

This incident follows a similar horrifying episode where a woman was abducted and raped at gunpoint. Authorities are under mounting pressure to address the escalating issue of sexual assaults in the city.


Police Ordered to Recover Alleged Victim of Child Marriage in Karachi

Police have been instructed to locate and rescue a girl who is believed to be a victim of child marriage. The girl was reportedly abducted from Karachi and taken to Qambar-Shahdadkot.

A judicial magistrate, Sajad Ahmed, has ordered Inspector Sadia Ayaz and the supervisory investigation officer of Khawaja Ajmer Nagri police station to find the 13-year-old girl and present her in court within 15 days. The request was made by Safdar Hussain, who is seeking the return of his daughter from the alleged custody of Nazeer Ali, who is accused of conducting an illegal underage marriage. The magistrate has emphasized that the suspect must be apprehended by the police.


Woman Allegedly Trafficked by Husband Rescued in Ghotki

The authorities in Ghotki, Sindh, report the successful recovery of a woman who was purportedly sold by her husband for monetary gain. Law enforcement officials have apprehended the woman’s husband, Saim Masih, and his accomplice, Pathan Khan.

According to the police, Saim, a resident of Green Town, transported his wife, Mehak, to Ghotki, where he allegedly arranged her sale. Subsequently, he falsely claimed that she had been abducted by unknown individuals. Mehak’s father filed a kidnapping report with the police.

Following an investigation, the police unraveled a different account of events, leading them to interrogate the husband before dispatching a team to Ghotki district, where he had allegedly sold her to local residents.

The police team successfully rescued Mehak, brought her back to Lahore, and incarcerated both suspects.


Father arrested for coercing daughter to drink acid

A man was arrested on Monday in Dijkot for allegedly murdering his daughter. The arrest came after the man’s wife accused him of forcing their daughter to consume acid, strangling her with a scarf, and burying her body.

The police acted on the wife’s statement, which detailed the events leading up to the incident. The daughter had been missing for a month before being brought back by her parents.

The husband attempted to force acid into her mouth, and when she resisted, he proceeded to strangle her. Later that night, he buried her in a nearby cemetery. The police took the man into custody, located the burial site, and exhumed the body.


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