Two Arrested for Mentally Challenged Girl’s Gang Rape in Hafizabad

Two individuals have been apprehended in Hafizabad for the alleged gang rape of a mentally challenged girl. The incident occurred in village Kot Khushaal, within the jurisdiction of Kusaisa police.

The suspects, who lived in the same neighborhood as the victim, lured her to an isolated location where the heinous act took place. The girl’s parents noticed something amiss upon their return home and questioned her, leading to the revelation of the incident. The family promptly reported the crime to the police.

Following the registration of a case, both suspects were arrested. The victim underwent a medical examination and DNA tests were conducted on the suspects by the Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA).


Triple Murder: Man Kills Wife, Father, and Brother-in-Law Over Land Transfer Dispute

A man killed his wife, her father, and her brother because they refused to transfer land owned by his wife to his name. The incident occurred in Sham Kot village in Pakpattan District.

The suspect, Zaheer Baloch, managed to escape after the murders. The Regional Police Officer ordered the District Police Officer to arrest the suspect within 48 hours. A murder case has been registered against the suspect. The suspect had been pressuring his in-laws to transfer the land, causing tensions and arguments.

During an argument on Sunday, the suspect shot and killed his wife, father-in-law, and brother-in-law. The police conducted a raid to apprehend the suspect but he had already left the area.


Couple’s Alleged Murder of Minor Children Raises Questions

Couple’s motive for alleged murder of their children remains a mystery as poverty and ulterior motives are suspected.The parents are accused of strangling their son and daughter, with the mother in custody and the father on the run.

The family claims extreme poverty drove them to commit the heartless crime, while police suspect hidden motives. The father was already involved in a murder case and may have planned to use the children’s deaths to manipulate the situation and extort money from the complainant party.



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