FIR Filed for Imran Riaz Khan’s Alleged Illegal Abduction

Anchorperson Imran Riaz Khan’s alleged “illegal abduction” has been reported in the first information report (FIR) filed by the city police. The Lahore High Court had given a 48-hour deadline to the Sialkot district police officer to locate Imran Riaz Khan, who went missing after being arrested on May 11.

The FIR, lodged by Imran’s father Muhammad Riaz, accuses unidentified individuals and police officials of kidnapping the journalist. Imran’s whereabouts have remained unknown for almost a week. The FIR invokes Section 365 of the Pakistan Penal Code, which pertains to kidnapping or abducting a person with the intention of confining them secretly and wrongfully. Imran’s father stated that his son was arrested by police officials at Sialkot airport, taken into custody illegally, and prevented from contacting his family.

The police later admitted to arresting Imran under Maintenance of Public Order rules. However, the court ordered his release, but CCTV footage revealed that unidentified individuals abducted him outside the jail with the alleged collusion of prison and police officers. Imran’s father demands justice and a case against the responsible police officers and individuals involved in his son’s kidnapping.


SHC Demands Report on 10 Missing Persons, Seeks Reasons for Tracing Failure

SHC orders report on 10 missing people including 3 girls. The interior, defence ministries and police officials have been given 3 weeks to explain why they have failed to locate the citizens.

The investigation has been ongoing since the case was registered. Separately, the trial involving the murder of a woman named Sara has been adjourned until May 25 and witnesses have been summoned for the next hearing.


Another extra-judicial killing in Karachi

A suspected robber was fatally shot and his wounded accomplice captured by the police during a confrontation in Karachi’s Garden area.

The police team patrolling the Eidgah area encountered the suspects, who brandished weapons and attempted to escape. The police pursued them, resulting in an exchange of gunfire that lasted until they reached Police Headquarters Garden.

The deceased suspect was identified as Sarfraz, while his injured accomplice, Hasan Raza, was apprehended. Two pistols were recovered, and both individuals were taken to Dr Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital Karachi.


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