Man Fatally Shoots Wife and Alleged Acquaintance Over Suspected Infidelity

A man, identified as Mir Khalid, has fatally shot two individuals, including his wife, in the Mangoli area of Dera Murad Jamali. The motive behind the killings is believed to be related to suspected infidelity.

The victims, Amir Hamza and Naz Gul, suffered multiple gunshot wounds and died at the scene. The perpetrator, Mir Khalid, managed to flee from the location. Police have registered a case against the accused and are currently conducting further investigations.

Arrests Made: Deaf Minor Girl Raped by Two Suspects

Two individuals were apprehended by the police on charges of sexually assaulting a deaf minor girl.

The incident occurred when a man enticed the nine-year-old girl, who is also mute, to his residence while she was playing outside her own home. Upon searching for her, family members entered the man’s house and discovered him engaged in the act of raping the girl, while his brother stood in the courtyard.

Observing the witnesses, the perpetrators promptly fled the scene. Initially, community elders discouraged the victim’s family from pursuing legal action, but a case was eventually filed by the victim’s mother on May 11. The girl has been transferred to a hospital for a medical examination, and the suspects have been taken into custody by the authorities.

Man Fatally Shot in Ibrahim Hyderi Over ‘Free-Will Marriage’

A man was fatally shot in Ibrahim Hyderi’s M.M. Colony in Karachi on Friday, according to the police. The victim, 27-year-old Ali Gohar, had recently entered into a marriage of his own choice.

The woman he married had been previously married three times and had children from those marriages. The police believe that the woman’s relatives, who were unhappy with the marriage, may be involved in the crime.

The victim’s body was taken to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre for legal procedures.


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