Woman Set Ablaze by Husband in Sahiwal over Marriage Dispute

A woman in Sahiwal was set on fire by her husband during an argument over his second marriage without her consent. The incident occurred on Monday evening, and the victim was taken to a private hospital. 

The suspect, Faisal, fled the hospital after extinguishing the fire. The woman suffered serious burn injuries and was transferred to a local hospital. The police have filed a report against the suspect and are currently searching for him.

Husband Accused of Hanging Wife to Death Over Infidelity Claims in Kohlu

Husband accuses wife of cheating, hangs her to death. Her brother alleges that the husband, with the help of his brother, strangled and burned her with a hot iron bar. 

The victim had complained about being tortured by her husband and other family members. Levies officials are investigating the case and have registered a case against two individuals.

Underage Servant Boy Tortured by Housewife for Poor Housekeeping

A boy working as a servant was tortured by a woman for not cleaning her house properly. She broke his nose and tried to hurt him more. 

He escaped and reported the incident to a security guard. The police arrested the woman and her husband, and a video of the torture went viral.

Child Rape Suspect Arrested in Muzaffargarh

A man was arrested by the police for allegedly raping a six-year-old girl in Muzaffargarh, Pakistan. The incident occurred near Shah Jamal in Babr locality, about 30 kilometers from the city. 

The girl’s father reported that she went missing after coming back from school and was found being raped at the suspect’s cattle shed. The girl was taken to Shah Jamal Rural Health Centre and the suspect was arrested and charged under section 376 of the Pakistan Penal Code.



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