Elderly Woman Shot Dead by Husband in Islamabad Suburbs

A woman in her late fifties was killed by her spouse while she was sleeping in the suburbs of the capital, according to authorities. 

The suspect fled the scene and has been charged with murder by the police after the victim’s son filed a complaint against him. 

The son stated that his father had retired from a university four years ago and was suffering from an unstable mental condition.


 Minorities Demand Action After Targeted Killings in Peshawar

Minorities in Peshawar are alarmed about targeted killings and are demanding immediate action from the government. Over the past week, three people, including a member of the Hindu community, have been killed. 

Activists claim that at least 68 individuals from minority communities have been killed in targeted attacks across the country, but no arrests have been made. Minority groups are starting to leave Khyber Pakhtunkhwa due to the grave law and order situation. 

The activists are urging the government to unveil the faces behind these crimes and ensure the protection of non-Muslims. The members of minority communities are soft targets for anti-state elements.

Sindh High Court issues notices on PTI social media activist’s disappearance

Notices were given by the Sindh High Court to FIA, provincial home secretary, and police authorities regarding the disappearance of a PTI social media activist. The activist’s brother, Mohammad Salman Khan, disappeared after attending a PTI protest at the Karachi Press Club on March 31. The general secretary of the PTI social media team in Karachi, along with other members, was allegedly taken into custody. 

The SHC has also issued notices on identical petitions for three other PTI social media activists’ whereabouts. The prosecutor general of Sindh and federal and provincial law officers have been put on notice for April 10.


125 Police Personnel Martyred in Militant Attacks in KP in Q1 2023


125 policemen were martyred in militant attacks in KP in the first quarter of 2023, with 25 cases of such attacks reported. The attacks resulted in 212 injuries. While 116 personnel embraced martyrdom and 189 were injured in 15 militant attacks in January, only two police personnel embraced martyrdom and five others were wounded in three militant attacks in February. 

Seven policemen embraced martyrdom and 18 others were wounded in seven cases registered in March. After a surge in attacks on police, the force was equipped with better weaponry and carried out intelligence-based operations to reduce the number of attacks in February and March. 

The outlawed Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) had called off the ceasefire in November 2022, resulting in an increase in attacks across the country.


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