Woman subjected to acid attack in Arifwala

A woman was subjected to an acid attack in Qaboola Town, Arifwala tehsil by two men, one of whom has been arrested, while the other remains at large.

The attack occurred after the woman refused to develop a relationship with the perpetrators. The victim’s husband reported that she was kidnapped by a cobbler named ‘S’ and his associate ‘I’, sexually assaulted, and then had acid thrown on her face.

Police have used GPS technology to arrest ‘S’ and are currently searching for his accomplice. The victim is a married mother of four who was visiting her sister-in-law’s house in Amjad Colony at the time of the attack.

Man Beats and Shaves Wife’s Head During Domestic Dispute in Karachi

In Clifton’s Shah Rasool Colony, a man beat and shaved his wife’s head during a domestic dispute. The victim, Farzana, reported the incident to the police, stating that her husband, Saeed, frequently beats her and argues with her.

On April 24, when she asked him to take their daughter to the hairdresser, he beat her and shaved her head as punishment. He then threatened her before fleeing the scene.

The Boat Basin police station has registered a case and is investigating the matter.

Man Allegedly Burns Wife Alive in Chichawatni

A man identified as Tariq allegedly burned his estranged wife, Shazia Bibi, to death in Chichawatni after she refused to reconcile with him. Shazia Bibi had left Tariq a year ago and was living with her parents.

Tariq went to his in-laws’ house to persuade her to return, but she declined, resulting in Tariq dousing her with petrol and setting her on fire. Shazia Bibi was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to her injuries before arriving.

The police have registered a case and arrested the suspect


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