Diplo Town in Tharparkar Shuts Down Over Alleged Forced Conversion of Hindu Woman

The Diplo town of Tharparkar shut down due to a strike over the alleged forced conversion of a Hindu woman who married a Muslim man. The protest was led by various political parties and groups, who marched and called for the protection of minority communities and an end to forced conversions. They also demanded a ban on jirgas and punishment for those who pass unlawful decrees. 

The protesters claimed that many Hindu girls had been converted in the past and that several had committed suicide. They criticized the indifference of certain human and women’s rights activists and political leaders towards these incidents.

Minor Boy Chained Up at Police Station Sparks Investigation into Child Abuse Case

Police launched an investigation after a video of a minor boy being chained up at a police station went viral on social media. The boy was allegedly caught pickpocketing by a businessman and handed over to the police.

Rather than being locked up, the boy was inhumanely chained up by the duty officer. The police have suspended the negligent officer and are investigating the case as a child abuse case. 

The boy was eventually released after apologizing, and the market association representatives did not file a case against him. The officers involved in chaining him up are currently under questioning.


Blood Donor with HIV Dies at Karachi Hospital, Village Requests Testing of Locals

A Badin blood donor with HIV died at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre in Karachi. He was taken to Indus Hospital Badin, then Civil Hospital Hyderabad before being referred to JPMC. 

The donor had given blood to five people in his village due to a lack of knowledge about HIV. The JPMC doctors have requested HIV tests of the donor’s family and the children who received his blood. 

Fear has spread in the village, and the DHO plans to conduct HIV/AIDS tests of the locals and raise awareness. A team from Badin will take blood samples and educate people about HIV/AIDS.


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