Committee Urges Action Against Tharparkar Jirga for Pressuring Rape Victim’s Family

A committee formed by the Sindh Human Rights Department has submitted a report suggesting severe action be taken against influential individuals who held a jirga in Tharparkar, pressuring the family of a rape victim to drop charges against the convict and accept blood money. 

The victim, Leela Meghwar, committed suicide six months after the incident. The report confirms that the jirga was held and recommends that stern action be taken against those who violated the law. 

The committee has also requested that the Sindh Human Rights Commission appoint a judicial member to further investigate the case. The report suggests that police security should be provided to the victim’s family, who are being threatened to drop the charges against the convict.

12-Year-Old Boy Found Dead in School Toilet After Being Raped and Strangled

The school toilet was where the missing 12-year-old boy’s body was discovered in Athara Hazari, Jhang. Despite efforts by his family and community to locate him, Usman, a student of the Government High School, Machiwal, remained missing until his body was found. 

The police have determined that the boy was strangled and raped by an unknown perpetrator or perpetrators, and a muffler was found tied around his neck. The body was taken to the tehsil headquarters hospital for an autopsy.

Teenage Boy’s Dismembered Body Found in Sack

Teenage boy’s dismembered body found in deserted area near GT Road: Police and hospital sources reported that scavengers discovered a sack oozing with blood and informed the authorities. The police arrived at the location and retrieved the body, which was in pieces. 

The unidentified body was taken to the hospital for a post-mortem examination and legal procedures.


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