Buner man kills wife and three others in Swat

A man from Buner district entered his in-laws’ home in Sarbab village of Marghuzar and shot dead four people, including his wife and mother-in-law, before fleeing the scene.

The incident occurred after the man’s wife had filed for divorce due to his abusive behavior.
Locals have staged a protest, blocking the main road until the accused is arrested.

No official from the district administration or police has visited the family or protesters yet.


IO receives show-cause notice in gang-rape case; hearing adjourned

IO in a gang-rape case in Karachi receives show-cause notice; hearing adjourned to April 20. The court also issued a notice to the public prosecutor.
One accused requested the return of his seized phone. The case involves rape and blackmail, with one accused spiking the victim’s juice and coercing her into having intercourse by blackmailing her with a video.
The accused then took the victim to another man and gang-raped her. Both accused were previously granted bail.

Pakistan Peoples Party Leader and Driver Go Missing on Way Back from Karachi

Ayaz Ahmed Mahar, a prominent figure in the Sukkur chapter of the Pakistan Peoples Party and a local celebrity, has disappeared with his driver. The incident occurred when they were returning from Karachi to Ayaz’s hometown, Chak, in the Shikarpur district.
According to Ayaz’s family and friends, contact with him was lost when he reached the Malir area in Karachi, and both his and his driver’s phones were found turned off, leaving no indication of their current location.


Imran Khan Protests Alleged Abduction of Security In-Charge 

Imran Khan has filed a protest regarding the alleged abduction of his security in-charge, Iftikhar Ghumman. He claimed that this is part of a larger plan to crush his party, PTI, as individuals close to him, including his party’s leadership, have been harassed, abducted, tortured, and faced false charges across Pakistan.
Last month, Azhar Mashwani, Imran Khan’s focal person on social media, also went missing for eight days, causing concern among rights groups such as Amnesty International.
Mashwani returned home safely, and Imran Khan expressed his gratitude for the prayers, efforts, and support of his party members during this difficult time.


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