Father of Missing Larkana Girl Accused of Murder

The father of a missing girl in Larkana is accused of murdering her by throwing her into the Indus river. 

Naveed Khuhawar was remanded in police custody for three days after allegedly confessing to the crime. He had reported his daughter Naveela missing in October 2022, but police claim he had thrown her into the river himself and staged her disappearance to avoid prosecution. 

Khuhawar denies this and says his confession was extracted through torture. Naveela’s body has not been found, and the investigation is ongoing.

Serial rapist arrested in Lodhran

Man arrested for sexually abusing underage boys and blackmailing their parents by posting videos on social media in Lodhran. 

The suspect, believed to be a serial rapist, was caught red-handed by the victim’s father and locals while raping his son in a sugarcane field. Two other boys were identified as victims and cases were registered.

Seven accused of killing woman over enmity in Okara

Seven individuals, including Sabtain (also known as Shaffo) and his father Sikander, along with three others, are accused of entering the home of their rival Ghulam Murtaza and fatally shooting his wife, Shahnaz. The suspects fled when locals intervened. 

This incident occurred after Sikander’s two sons were killed, resulting in the imprisonment of Shahnaz’s husband and his brother. The Gogera police have registered a case against the seven suspects under sections 302, 148, and 149 of the Pakistan Penal Code, based on a complaint from Shahnaz’s brother-in-law, Ghulam Mustafa.

Police Collect DNA Samples from Nine Suspects in Girl’s Rape-Murder Case

Police investigating the rape and murder case of a six-year-old girl in Surjani Town have detained five more men and collected their DNA samples for cross-matching. The men detained belonged to the girl’s neighbourhood and are suspected of living alone, bachelors, drug addicts, or having a criminal background. 

The DNA samples of the nine suspects will be sent to the University of Karachi for testing, and investigators believe the criminal is from the neighbourhood. 

The victim’s body was found in a sewerage manhole on April 5, and doctors confirmed she had been raped before being murdered. More suspects are likely to be taken into custody.


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