Father Arrested for Allegedly Strangling Three-Year-Old Daughter to Death

A man has been arrested by the Hanjarwal police in Lahore for the alleged murder of his young daughter. The man, identified as Khurram Shehzad, took his three-year-old daughter, Zahra Fatima, to Jinnah Hospital where she was pronounced dead upon arrival. 

Although Shehzad claimed that his daughter had died of natural causes, hospital staff alerted the police due to the suspicious circumstances. Despite initially refusing a postmortem examination, the police ordered one which revealed that the girl had been strangled. 

Shehzad was taken into custody for further investigation and has reportedly confessed to the murder, leading to a murder case being registered against him.


Three Women Raped in Lahore, No Suspect in Custody

Three incidents of rape were reported in Lahore on Sunday, but no suspect was arrested. Two men raped a widow and made her nude video in the Shahdara Town area.
As per FIR, after the death of the victim’s husband, M Boota, her husband’s friend, sexually assaulted her several times by pretending to marry her and also made a nude video of her.
On the day of the incident, the accused Boota called the woman to the Shahdara Town area on the pretext of returning the videotape and gang-raped her along with her friend Kashif Ali at gunpoint.


Father Confesses to Throwing 8-Year-Old Daughter into Indus River

Father admits throwing 8-year-old daughter into Indus River after she went missing in October. Naveed Khuhawar was arrested and confessed to police that he threw his daughter, Naveela, into the river because his second wife did not want to care for her.

The girl’s disappearance had prompted protests and an investigation, which led to the arrest and confession.


Man and Uncle Shot Dead for Honor in Swabi After Viral Video Call

Man and uncle killed for honor in Swabi after a viral video call. The 22-year-old man had moved to Swabi to protect himself from his rivals.

They were attacked while returning from a jirga for a peaceful settlement. Another man was also killed in a separate incident in Sultanabad.


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