Hindu Girl Who Converted to Islam Allowed to Go with Father, Karachi Court Rules

A Karachi court has given custody of a Hindu girl who converted to Islam and married. The girl, Rameela alias Saira Bibi, had been placed in a shelter home due to uncertainty about her age, which a medical board determined to be around 15 years old. 

The girl’s father argued that she was a minor and should be handed over to him as her natural guardian, while her husband’s lawyer claimed she was sui juris and should be allowed to decide her own fate. 

The girl initially denied being kidnapped and said she had converted and married willingly, but later expressed a desire to go with her parents. 

The court ordered the shelter home to hand over custody to the father after legal formalities were completed and an Rs. 1 million surety bond was submitted for the girl’s safety.


Peshawar High Court Upholds Life Sentence for Woman in Murder Case

The Peshawar High Court has rejected an appeal by Rabia, who was convicted by an additional district and sessions judge of Peshawar for killing her stepdaughter-in-law by slitting her throat. 

The court ruled that the trial court’s judgment was well-reasoned and based on proper appraisal of evidence. The complainant in the case was the father of the deceased woman, who stated that Rabia killed his daughter over a dispute of jewelry and injured herself to depict the incident as a robbery. 

Rabia was sentenced to life imprisonment and a fine of Rs500,000, which must be paid to the legal heirs of the deceased.

Father Seeks Justice for Daughter’s Alleged Murder

Father Seeks Justice for Daughter Allegedly Killed by In-Laws and Made to Appear as Suicide Muhammad Anwar, the father of Sahiba Parveen, has approached the sessions court seeking justice for his daughter’s alleged murder by her in-laws, who made it appear as a suicide.

Anwar stated in his petition that his daughter often quarreled with her in-laws, and they killed her on February 6 and falsely claimed it as suicide. Anwar, being an old man, urged the court to take action against the accused.


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