Body of a Mutilated Girl Found in Sack in Haro River


The body of a woman was discovered in a sack and in a mutilated state in Haro River within the jurisdiction of Hassanabdal police station. Hospital sources and the police confirmed this. Some bystanders noticed a gunny bag floating in Haro River near Jablat railway bridge, emitting a foul odor. 

The police moved the body to the tehsil headquarters hospital. According to hospital sources, the woman, believed to be in her twenties, was sexually assaulted, strangled to death, and then dumped in the river. 

The identity of the deceased was unknown at the time of reporting. 

Hassanabdal Police have filed a case against unidentified attackers and are conducting further investigations.

ILO and Unicef Report: Increasing Number of Children Without Social Protection

UN agencies warn that the number of children without social protection is increasing, leaving them vulnerable to poverty, hunger, and discrimination. A new report shows that an additional 50 million children missed out on critical social protection between 2016 and 2020, pushing up the global total to 1.46 billion. 

Child benefit coverage rates fell or stagnated in every region, leaving no country on track to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal of substantial social protection coverage by 2030. 

The lack of social protection can lead to poverty, missed education, poor nutrition, and child marriage and labour. Children living in multidimensional poverty increased by 15% during the pandemic, highlighting the urgent need for social protection.


Pakistan’s Inflation Hits Record High of 31.6% in February with More Increases Expected


Inflation in Pakistan reached its highest level on record last month, with food, beverage, and transport costs driving up the Consumer Price Index (CPI) by 31.6% year-on-year.

This figure surpassed the previous record of 20% for eight months from June to January. The government raised the goods and services tax to 18% from 17% to help increase revenues through taxes.

Observers predict that the peak has not yet been reached, with food prices expected to climb even higher during Ramadan. Core inflation increased by 17.1% and 21.5% for urban and rural centers, respectively.


Man kills self after body of boy found in his house


A man has reportedly committed suicide after the discovery of a deceased boy in his residence in Chak Meernaywala in Jhang, as stated by the Garh Maharaja police. 

It was reported that Nawabul Hasan, aged 14, had gone missing earlier in the day, and his father discovered that the boy had been seen entering Manzoor Khokhar’s house. 

Upon investigating, the villagers found the boy’s body with gunshot wounds in a locked room in Khokhar’s house. 

The suspect denied any knowledge of the boy’s whereabouts. After unsuccessful attempts to confront him, Ijaz Hussain Chadhar took his own life by shooting himself while locked inside a room.


Six-Year-Old Girl Found Raped and Murdered After Going Missing for Three Days


A young girl who had been reported missing earlier in the week was discovered deceased in the Bin Qasim vicinity on Wednesday. According to officials from the police and hospital, the victim’s remains were located in a canal adjacent to the National Highway. 

Medical professionals at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, where the body was taken, confirmed that she had been subjected to savage sexual assault before being killed. 

The area’s SHO, Fahadul Hasan, stated that the child had disappeared while playing outside her house three days prior, prompting her family to file a police report.




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