Litigant Couple Shot Dead on Way Home from Family Court in Sukkur

Couple on way home from family court in Sukkur shot dead, allegedly due to a case related to the woman’s second marriage. 

The assailants stopped their car and shot the couple on the spot, while their lawyer and daughter escaped unharmed. The couple had previously requested police protection, which was turned down. 

Four suspects have been arrested, and an investigation committee has been formed. The deceased were employees of a Rangers hospital in Sukkur.

Abbasnagar Police Uncover Remains of Missing Boy and Arrest Suspect

Police in Abbasnagar have found the remains of an 11-year-old boy who went missing in 2013. 

The case remained unsolved for almost a decade until the District Police Officer, Syed Muhaammad Abbas, ordered a fresh investigation. After using modern technology and conducting a thorough investigation, the police identified a suspect named Mukhtaran Bibi who confessed to accidentally shooting the boy with her son’s gun, resulting in his death. She then disposed of the body in her courtyard. 

The police have sent the remains for an autopsy and are still searching for Bibi’s son, who is currently on the run. In other news, the district police have arrested 50 individuals on various charges, including bootlegging, illegal arms possession, and gambling.


FIA denies custody of PTI activist in habeas corpus case

FIA denies having PTI activist Azhar Mashwani in custody, according to a report submitted to the LHC Rawalpindi bench. 

The report was deemed unsatisfactory by the judge, who adjourned the hearing until April 4. Additionally, a petition seeking the registration of a case against Mashwani’s alleged abduction was disposed of by a sessions court, as a case had already been registered. 

Mashwani’s brother had filed a habeas corpus petition, alleging that his brother was abducted by unidentified persons when he was on his way to PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s Zaman Park residence.


Family of Army Veteran Pleads for Justice

The family of army veteran, Hasan Askree, who was court-martialed after writing a critical letter to former army chief, has spoken out for the first time. 

They claim Hasan was unjustly tried in a Field General Court Martial, and was incarcerated alongside hardened criminals and terrorists in a maximum-security prison. Despite a court order to transfer him to Adiala jail, he has not been moved. 

His family maintains that court-martialing a civilian for attempting to seduce military officials made a mockery of the offense of mutiny and insubordination. Hasan’s mother is suffering from end-stage renal failure, and his father is 87 and has multiple ailments, making it difficult to visit him. 

The family has not received any communication regarding the charges or verdict. The military’s public relations arm, Inter-Services Public Relations, has not commented on the matter.


PTI Workers in Mardan Charged with Hate Speech and Road Obstruction

Over 20 PTI workers in Mardan have been charged with hate speech and road obstruction. The protesters, led by former district president Sher Bahadur and Ismail, allegedly delivered hate speech against government and army institutions during a protest rally on March 14. 

The FIR accuses the accused of attempting to incite people to revolt against the government and blocking traffic at Bacha Khan Chowk for several hours. Ismail, who was among the accused, is a former personal secretary to provincial minister Mohammad Atif Khan.


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