Widow Shot Dead Over Property Dispute in Okara Village

On Sunday night in Haveli Lakkha’s 45/SP village, a widow was allegedly shot and killed due to a dispute over a residential plot. 

The suspect, Farrukh Mahmood, had been threatening the widow, Munawwar Bibi, to vacate the plot. Farrukh, along with three other identified suspects and two unidentified armed accomplices, entered Munawwar’s home and killed her. 

Munawwar’s brother, Faizullah, has registered a case against the suspects under various sections of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).


Honour Killing: Man and Woman Gunned Down in Gujar Khan

A man and a woman were killed in Gujar Khan in the name of honour. The alleged killers, including the woman’s family members, were apprehended by the police. 

The bodies were taken to the hospital, and a double murder case was registered against the suspects. 

One of the victim’s relatives reported that the killers accused the woman’s brother of having a relationship with her before searching for and murdering him.

Woman among three killed over land dispute

Three persons, including a woman, were killed in Shikarpur in two different incidents of land dispute. An unidentified man shot dead Ajab Khan Mahar at Gharhi Yasin market in Shikarpur over a land dispute.

Minor Girl Raped in Korangi Shelter Home

An 11-12 year old girl was raped in a Korangi shelter home. She was taken to the hospital by the police where the medical examination confirmed the rape. 

The girl reported that the son of the shelter home owner assaulted her sexually. The shelter home owner has been detained and a case has been registered under various sections of the Pakistan Penal Code. DNA samples have been taken for cross-matching.


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