Funds Shortage Hinders Inmate Facilities at Adiala Jail

Shortage of funds has hindered the provision of facilities to inmates at Adiala jail, causing problems with water, electricity, gas, and sanitation.

During a visit by Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha, the Senior Superintendent of Jail informed him that construction of new barracks has slowed down due to a lack of funds.

Despite this, the jail has established a legal department and provided education, vocational training, and sports facilities to prisoners. The commissioner urged civic bodies and provincial departments to address the issues with water, sanitation, and gas, emphasizing the government’s commitment to providing better facilities and opportunities for inmates to become productive citizens after their release.

Body of Child Missing for 10 Years Found in Bahawalpur

In Bahawalpur, it has been reported that the remains of a child who disappeared a decade ago have been discovered in the Abbas Nagar area.

The police have detained a woman in connection with the child’s murder, as she admitted to the crime. The suspect claimed that her son had shot and killed the child, and in order to protect him, they had buried the body in their home.

The child, named Shahid Iqbal, was last seen in the Abbas Nagar region in 2013.

11-year-old girl missing in Karachi after school; family seeks help

An 11-year-old girl from the Malir Saudabad area in Karachi has gone missing after not returning home from school.

The girl’s mother shared a statement on social media requesting assistance from the police, chief justice, and other authorities to locate her daughter who disappeared on March 20.

The father has filed a complaint with the Saudabad police station and an investigation has revealed that the girl was seen with a person on a motorcycle after school. Police officials are working closely with the family and the investigation is ongoing.

Citizen seeking free flour dies in Bhakkar’s union council office

A citizen, who had come to collect free flour, passed away in the union council of Notak in Bhakkar. Elahi Bakhsh, aged 66, had arrived at the UC office early in the morning to obtain flour.

He collapsed after receiving the flour from the distribution line. What started as a quest for free flour turned into a life-threatening situation for Elahi Bakhsh, and despite his deteriorating condition being reported, rescue officials arrived too late to save him.

The Deputy Commissioner has ordered an inquiry into the incident to determine the cause of death.


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