Jacobabad gang-rape victim dies after two-month struggle

A gang-rape victim, who had been undergoing treatment since Jan 15, when she and her mother-in-law were sexually assaulted at their home in Jacobabad, died on Tuesday at a hospital in Sukkur. 

The mother-in-law had died a week after the incident. The police have arrested one suspect and four others remain unidentified. The victim’s family had nominated Tehkan alias Takan Golo and four others in the FIR. 

The suspects had visited the victims’ house and provided them with meat and milk which was laced with drugs causing them to fall asleep. The suspects then sexually assaulted the women at gunpoint.

Minorities’ property worth Rs27b recovered, SC told

Minorities Rights Commission Head, Shoaib Sadal, informed the Supreme Court that they have recovered Rs27 billion worth of minority property from illegal possession. 

However, he also highlighted that provincial governments are not cooperating with the Commission in disclosing asset details. Sadal requested the apex court to direct the provincial governments and their police chiefs to cooperate. 

The case was adjourned for an indefinite time.


Sister of Missing Shah Fahad Baloch Urges Government to Bring Him to Light

Nadia Baloch held a press conference at Quetta Press Club, urging the government to bring her missing brother, Shah Fahad Baloch, to light and relieve the family’s anxiety. 

Shah Fahad, a Hafiz Quran, was allegedly picked up from Kharan on March 16 last year, and his elder brother was missing in 2016 and released after three years. 

The family has been protesting and appearing in courts for Shah Fahad’s recovery, but he has yet to be found.

Sindh High Court Orders Compilation of List of Missing Persons

The Sindh High Court has instructed its office to create a list of missing individuals. This decision was made during a hearing regarding the recovery of a person who was detained in 2015.

The court ordered the list to be sent to the IG Sindh and the Secretary of Detention Centers to determine the number of missing persons being held.


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