Two-Year-Old Boy Abducted, Found Dead in Lahore 

On Sunday, the police reported that a two-year-old boy, who had been taken away, was found dead in a pond located in Aminpura, a suburb of Raiwind, Lahore.

The child, identified as Abu Bakar, was discovered six hours after his disappearance. Despite his family’s initial complaint about his disappearance, a kidnapping case was registered after the child’s body was found.

The victim’s family claimed that the abductors had been harassing the victim’s sisters, and a complaint was filed against them. As a result, the abductors allegedly held a grudge and took revenge by abducting, killing, and disposing of the child’s body in the pond.


Unidentified Woman’s Body Parts Found Stuffed in Shopping Bags in Rawalpindi

The bank of Leh Nullah in Dhoke Dalal (Ganjmandi area) was where police discovered body parts of a woman on Sunday. 

The victim’s identity remains unknown, as nothing was found except for the nails and feet, which indicate that the remains belonged to a female. The parts were discovered by a passerby, who noticed them inside shopping bags on the bank of the nullah. 

An autopsy is currently underway at District Headquarters (DHQ) hospital.


Peshawar High Court Acquits Three Accused in Honor Killing Case

The Peshawar High Court has acquitted three people, including a woman, of the charges of killing their female relative on the pretext of honor in Upper Chitral district. 

The court observed that the compromise between the parties was genuine, so the appeal jointly filed by the convicts was allowed. The appellants were initially found guilty of the offense and sentenced to life imprisonment with a fine of Rs300,000 each. 

However, two pieces of land worth Rs1.478 million and another property worth Rs1.08 million were transferred in the name of the two minor daughters of the deceased woman as part of the compromise. 

The court directed that the attested copies of the compromise deed should be produced before the sub-registrar for proper registration in the names of the minor legal heirs of the deceased woman.

Teenage orphan girl allegedly killed by aunt for refusing to marry cousin

Teenage girl killed by aunt for refusing to marry cousin in Alpuri Tehsil, Shangla; two booked. Muslima, 16, an orphan, lived with her maternal aunt who wanted her to marry her son, Sher Ali, 22. 

When Muslima refused, she was allegedly poisoned to death. The police have filed an FIR against Sher Ali and his stepfather, Hamil Kareem. 

The case is under investigation, and the locals have demanded an autopsy of the body.


Islamabad’s Vanishing Forests: A Threat to Survival and Urgent Call for Global Action

Forests are vital for our survival, but they’re disappearing fast in Islamabad. Climate change is a severe threat, and Pakistan is vulnerable to its effects. 

Heavy rainfall caused severe floods in 2022, displacing millions and causing billions of dollars in damage. As the population grows, infrastructure expands, and forests are lost. 

Satellite imagery shows a 36% reduction in green areas in Islamabad since 2000, leading to urban flooding and forest fires. Initiatives such as Miyawaki forestation are commendable, but more needs to be done globally to protect and restore forests.


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