Infant Dies in Karachi Suicide Attempt by Financially Distressed Family Due to Inflation

A family in Karachi attempted suicide due to financial distress caused by inflation, resulting in the death of a two-year-old girl. The father, who was the sole earner, administered a poisonous substance to himself, his wife, and two daughters. 

The family was taken to a hospital, where the infant passed away. Inflation has caused many Pakistanis to struggle to cover even the most basic necessities, with weekly inflation surging above 40 per cent and the Consumer Price Index for February being the worst since June 1975.

This incident is one of many that have occurred due to poverty and inflation in Pakistan.

Police rescue minor boy from abusive stepfather

Minor boy rescued from abusive stepfather and handed to mother by police after she reported her husband kicked her out and kept custody of their son. 

She received a video of her husband assaulting the child, which she forwarded to the police. 

RPO ordered the police to rescue the child and hand him over to the mother, and assured them of protection.

Kidnapped Youth Rescued After 3 Months in Kashmore Operation by Anti-Violent Crime Cell

After three months, the young person who was taken hostage in Karachi was rescued from the Kashmore region. 

The Anti-Violent Crime Cell carried out the operation along with the local police in the Kachch area of Kashmore, leading to the recovery of Zakirullah, who was abducted from Golestan-e-Johar on December 15. 

The kidnappers had demanded ransom from various locations, including Ghoshpur, Karampur, Beghari, and Kashmore. AVCC conducted operations in different areas of Kacha, and while carrying out an operation in Ghoshpur, the kidnapper managed to escape, but the hostage was safely transferred back to Karachi.


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