Punjab Launches Health Screening for 55,000 Prisoners Across 43 Jails to Combat Communicable Diseases

Punjab begins health screening of prisoners for communicable diseases, with the aim to finish by March 17.
The initiative will cover 55,000 prisoners across 43 jails in the province, and include testing for AIDS, hepatitis, TB, diabetes, blood pressure, as well as height and weight checks.
Vaccinations and treatment will be provided as needed, and standard facilities will be ensured with the help of doctors and paramedics stationed at special counters in all jails.
Free medicines and testing kits will also be provided. Upgrade of hospitals in seven major jails is underway, with more doctors and staff to be added.


Woman Stabbed to Death in Hyderabad as Bystanders Film Instead of Helping

Hyderabad woman stabbed to death; bystanders filmed instead of helping.
The victim, Iqra Mashuri, was stabbed on Sarmast Road near Hyderabad Airport and later died at Bhatai Hospital.
Police are investigating the incident, and the victim’s identity has been established as a Qasimabad resident.

Police Constable Saves Mother and Children from Suicide Attempt

A mother in Alipur tehsil of Muzaffargarh attempted suicide with her four children due to a financial dispute with her husband.
A police constable named Ubaidullah on duty at Head Panjand was able to intervene and prevent the tragic incident.
The woman revealed that her husband, who is a minister, has remarried and is unable to provide for her and their children.
After being rescued, she was taken to Sadar police station and eventually released into the care of her relatives.


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