Father and Four-Year-Old Daughter Found Dead in Muzaffargarh

On Thursday, a man from Ahmedpur Sharqia reportedly took his own life along with his young daughter, aged four, by jumping into the Abbasia canal at Head Panjnad in Muzaffargarh. 

According to locals, Saleem was deeply affected by financial difficulties caused by inflation and poverty. He tied his daughter to his clothes before jumping into the canal, and despite rescue efforts, their bodies were not found until Friday. 

Saleem’s identity card and photo were recovered from his clothes.

Guard held for `sexual abuse` of children

Guard arrested for sexually abusing children, making videos, and blackmailing them for further acts. 

A parent reported the issue to the police, who found video clips on the guard’s phone. The guard allegedly held a 12-year-old boy hostage at gunpoint and abused him, making a video of the act. 

The police are contacting other parents whose children’s videos were found on the guard’s phone for further cases. The guard has been charged under section 376 of Pakistan Penal Code.

Man Jailed 10 Years for Attempted Rape of Minor Girl on Karachi Mosque Rooftop

Man jailed for 10 years for attempted rape of minor on mosque rooftop. Muhammad Imran Moeed was found guilty of assaulting a nine-year-old girl in Karachi in December 2020. The judge imposed a fine of Rs100,000 and stated that failure to pay would result in an additional three months of imprisonment. 

The prosecution presented evidence proving the charge against the accused and the victim’s testimony was deemed credible. The accused had a history of similar offenses and had been acquitted in a previous case. 

The defense lawyer argued that key witnesses were not cited, and the FIR was lodged after a delay of 19 days.


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