March 30, 2023

By Ahmed Saeed



Police in Gujranwala have failed to arrest an absconding man, whose wife has made a video from the hospital bed, accusing him of poisoning her.

Kiran Shahzadi is seen in the viral video, accusing her husband Umair and her father-in-law of poisoning her and demanding justice for herself.

Tragically, however, she died in the hospital during treatment a few hours after the video was recorded and shared widely on social media.

In her final statement to the police, Kiran blamed her husband for her death and alleged that he used to torture her.

According to Kiran’s mother Mahmuda Begum, Kiran got married 20 months ago and her husband Umair used to physically and mentally torture her, but she had never mentioned this to her family.

This was Umair’s second marriage and according to Mahmouda Begum, Umair used to torture his first wife as well, who had divorced him. Kiran used to care of Umair’s daughters from his first marriage.

The police registered a case against Umair and his father for the murder of Kiran, but failed to arrest Umair. According to the police, Umair is still absconding.

However, the police say that Umair’s father is in police custody, but no evidence has been found against the accused yet. The police said that they have sent the sample of the poison to the laboratory and the investigation could only proceed after receiving the laboratory report.

Meanwhile, Kiran’s brother Humayun says that the police are not cooperating with their family and have not shared any update on the murder investigation with them.

Kiran’s mother is distraught over the incident – her daughter’s death and the indifferent attitude of the police in bringing her daughter’s killers to justice.

Speaking to she said that the suspects in her daughter’s murder had powerful connections and they had no hope for justice unless the state stood with the victim’s family.


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