Man commits suicide over poverty

A 60-year-old man committed suicide by shooting himself in the Kahna, Lahore. 

The victim identified as Saqlain Shah, a resident of Haloki village, reportedly was frustrated due to his poor conditions. 

On the day of the incident, he shot himself in his head and died on the spot. His body was moved to the morgue. 


4-Year-Old Girl Rescued and Accused Arrested in Karachi Abduction Case

A 4-year-old girl named Samia, daughter of Asghar Ali, was rescued by police in Karachi after being abducted. 

The accused, Muhammad Yameen, was arrested and the girl was reunited with her parents.


Dead Body Found in Sack Solved as Father Confessed to Killing Son in Karachi

The case of a dead body found in a sack in the limits of Brigade Police Station has been solved, the father turned out to be the murderer of his son, according to the police, a dead body found in a sack was found in Bagh Jinnah on January 9, identified as Faisal Masih. 

The police arrested Faisal Masih’s father Yakub Asi as a suspect, who made sensational revelations and said that he was very worried about his son’s actions, his son was involved in theft and robbery, drug addict and had also made his sister-in-law drunk, on which he got angry and planned to brutally kill his son and after wrapping the body in a sack threw it at the said place so that the blame would fall on a linguistic community that he has thrown the body


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