Accused Acid Attacker Given 4-Day Police Custody

Man accused of acid attack on woman granted 4-day police custody. Kamran allegedly attacked 20-year-old Suneeta near a railway station after she rejected his advances. 

Police requested 14-day physical custody to complete the investigation. The magistrate granted 4 days and ordered the police to present the investigation report on the next date. 

An FIR has been filed under relevant sections of the Pakistan Penal Code.


Ahmadiyya Worship Place Vandalized in Karachi for the Second Time

A second Ahmadiyya place of worship was allegedly vandalized in Karachi, according to police and a community spokesman.

 Similar to an attack that took place on January 18th in Martin Quarters, a group of 10-12 masked individuals reportedly attacked and damaged the minaret of the worship place in Saddar.

The incident occurred at around 3:30 PM, but police officers present could not intervene, according to the spokesman.

IHC Demands Written Arguments from Respondents in Missing Persons Cases on March 8th

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has requested written arguments from respondents in cases related to missing persons, including journalist Muddasir Naro, on March 8th. A two-judge bench consisting of Chief Justice Aamer Farooq and Justice Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb heard the cases and expressed concern about the state’s handling of the issue. 

The court questioned the whereabouts of the missing individuals and asked the attorney general to provide a date for their appearance. 

The court instructed lawyers of all petitioners to submit written arguments and adjourned the hearing until the next session.

First Guantanamo Bay Detainee Resettled in Belize by Biden Administration

Majid Khan, a Pakistani Gitmo prisoner, transferred to Belize by Biden administration. He is the first of three Pakistani citizens to be resettled, with two more expected to be released soon. 

Khan has been a US resident since 1998 but was arrested in Karachi in 2003 and taken to a CIA black site. He was then transferred to Guantanamo Bay where he was sentenced to 10 years for terrorism-related charges.

US federal law prohibits the resettlement of Gitmo detainees in the US. Khan has promised to be a productive and law-abiding member of society in Belize.


Double Murder in Honor Killing in Rajapur: Accused Father and Son at Large

A mother and son were killed in the firing in the name of honor in Rajapur.

According to the police, the victim’s daughter and granddaughter were also injured due to the firing of the accused.

In the preliminary investigation, the police say that the nephew of the victim had married the daughter of the accused.

The police said that the accused killed the mother and son on the suspicion of facilitating the marriage.

After the incident, the accused father and son escaped easily and now raids are being conducted to find them.


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