Torkham Border Closure Leaves 7,000 Trucks Stranded with Perishable Goods


The Pak-Afghan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry has reported that the Torkham border has been closed for six days, leaving over 7,000 trucks with perishable goods stranded.

The queues of stranded trucks have reached Hamza Baba Chowk and may extend to Peshawar if the border crossing is not opened soon. This closure is causing huge losses to exporters and businessmen due to daily demurrage charges and affecting perishable items. 

The director of the chamber, Zia-ul-Haq Sarhadi, has demanded that the Pakistani authorities open the border immediately to prevent further losses.


Coal Miners Protest Against Discriminatory Treatment by EOBI Officers


Coalmine workers in Hyderabad held a demonstration outside the local press club on Friday to protest against the discriminatory attitude of Employees Old Age Benefit Institution’s (EOBI) towards their issues. 

According to the workers’ union president and general secretary, EOBI officers were demanding illegal gratification and only provided fringe benefits to those who paid bribes, while denying them to those who did not. 

They also claimed that the institution did not recognize a deceased coalminer as a worker and used its own definition of the law to deny pension to workers until the age of 60 instead of 55.


Transgender Raped and Another Injured in Sundar; Suspect Arrested by Police


On Friday in Sundar, a transgender individual named Ali Asghar was raped and another transgender person named Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din, also known as Arzoo, was injured while attempting to rescue Ali Asghar from the perpetrator, Farooq. Farooq also attacked Arzoo with a sharp-edged knife, resulting in injuries that required hospitalization. 

The police have apprehended Farooq and filed charges against him.


Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) arrests six alleged TTP terrorists, including commander, in Kohat raid


In a raid conducted by the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) in Kohat, six individuals believed to be members of the banned group Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) were apprehended. 

The CTD acted on a tip-off and raided the suspected hideout of the TTP men, including their alleged commander, Mohammad Kamal alias Rocketi. 

The detainees are accused of perpetrating attacks on law enforcement and security personnel. They have been taken to an undisclosed location for further questioning.


Pakistan grapples with online child protection as US non-profit, NCMEC, shares 2M+ child abuse materials with FIA


US non-profit NCMEC provided FIA with statistics of over 2 million child sexual abuse materials from Pakistan. The figures were presented at a consultative meeting by NCRC to discuss Child Online Protection in Pakistan. 

The FIA registered 65 FIRs and arrested 69 suspects out of 187 complaints on online child sexual exploitation and abuse. The meeting also discussed the need for collaboration to develop and implement effective solutions to combat online child abuse. 

The policy brief highlighted the lack of awareness of online child sexual exploitation and abuse among key stakeholders in Pakistan.


4 Four girls kidnapped


Four girls were abducted in the twin cities of Islamabad. Reportedly, Shaukat’s daughter was kidnapped in the Rata Amral police station area, Azhar’s daughter was abducted in the Taxila Kohsar police station area, Naveed’s sister was kidnapped in Gokina by Jamal Wakram, and Nazeer’s daughter was abducted by Fayyaz and Tariq in the Pandorian area of Khanna. 



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