Police Raid Provincial Minister’s Home After Bodies of Khan Muhammad Marri’s Family Found in Barkhan Well


Police raided the home of Provincial Minister Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran after three bodies, identified as the wife and two sons of Khan Muhammad Marri, were found in a well in the Barkhan area of Balochistan. 

Marri accused Khetran of holding his family members in a private jail, but Khetran denied the allegations. Following the discovery, Marri tribesmen staged a sit-in and protests in Quetta, while the issue was discussed in the Balochistan Assembly. 

The bodies had bullet wounds and showed signs of torture, and five more of Marri’s children are still missing. A five-member JIT has been formed to investigate the incident.


Girl stabbed for refusing marriage, seriously injured


A girl in Multan was seriously injured in the stomach after being stabbed by a man who wanted to marry her but she refused due to his grudge. 

The accused fled the scene and the victim was taken to Nishtar Hospital for treatment. 

The police have initiated an investigation.


Family of F-9 Rape Case Suspect Claims Police Did Not Hand Over Body, Police Deny Allegation


The family of a suspect involved in the F-9 rape case claims that the police have not handed over the body of the deceased after he was killed in an alleged attack. The police deny this claim, stating that the bodies were handed over to the families of the suspects. 

The rape survivor expressed some satisfaction with the outcome of the case but expressed a lack of trust in the criminal justice system. 

A three-member committee has been formed by the district magistrate to investigate the killing of the two suspects. An FIR of the incident was registered at the Golra police station.



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