Peshawar High Court Grants Bail to Man Accused of Sexual Abuse Under Pretext of Marriage


A man accused of sexually abusing a woman under the pretext of marriage in Swat has been granted bail by the Peshawar High Court. 

The court accepted the accused’s petition on the condition of two surety bonds of Rs200,000 each. The complainant had alleged that the accused assaulted her after taking her to his house. The court observed that the complainant had gone to the accused’s house of her own free will and it could not be determined whether she consented to sexual activity. 

The trial court will decide whether the allegations constitute the offense of rape or fornication. The accused’s bail petition had been rejected earlier.


Sindh Police Establishes Special Unit to Solve Sexual Offence Cases in Karachi


The Special Sexual Offences Investigation Unit has been created in District Central of Karachi to investigate cases of crime committed against women and children.

The unit has already solved 12 cases and arrested 12 suspects, including a police officer. Its investigations include cases of disappearance, abduction, torture, harassment, and abuse.

The unit has apprehended a police officer charged with rape and is searching for a girl who filed three false cases of rape.


Two-Day Extension Granted to Physical Remand of Accused in Death of Domestic Worker’s Child

Judicial Magistrate Sharqi in Karachi has extended the physical remand of accused Shireen in the case of torturing and killing a 12-year-old domestic worker by two days.


Pakistan highlights water scarcity as a national security threat at UN gathering

Pakistan highlights water scarcity as a national security threat at UN meeting
A two-day event on water scarcity held at the UN headquarters saw more than 60 countries gather to discuss water stress and sanitation issues.

Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Senator Faisal Saleem Rahman argued that Pakistan’s national security is connected to water security, which is in turn connected to food security. While globally water stress levels have remained safe at 18.6% in 2019, South Asia registered high levels of water stress at over 75%, and Pakistan is among the top ten water-scarce countries in the world.

The delegation stressed the need for international cooperation to elevate the water agenda in international discourse.



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