Missing 4-Year-Old Found Dead in Nearby Pond After Two Weeks


Missing child’s body found in nearby pond two weeks after disappearance. Awais, 4, went missing while playing near his home in Kot Alyan on Feb 3. 

Despite a search and police case, the child remained missing until the family discovered his decomposed body. 

The police have taken the body to a hospital in Charsadda for investigation.


2-Year-Old Dies from Stray Bullet in Karachi Wedding Celebration


Two-year-old dies from gunshot wounds after celebratory firing at restaurant wedding in Karachi. Sajjad Husain was hit in the head by a stray bullet as he alighted from his family’s car. 

Despite emergency medical treatment, he died on Thursday at a private hospital. 

Police have registered a case on behalf of the state since the victim’s family is not pursuing legal action.

PTI supporter sentenced to 3 years in prison for defaming Pakistan Army on Twitter


A PTI supporter was sentenced to three years in prison for defaming the Pakistan Army and senior military leadership on Twitter. Sikandar Zaman was arrested last year after posting a tweet related to a helicopter incident with the intent to spread panic in society. 

The court convicted him under various sections of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act and the Pakistan Penal Code. Zaman’s mobile phone and Twitter account were seized, and he was fined. 

His surety was discharged from the liability of the bail bond, and the mobile phone confiscated in favour of the state. The ruling coalition blamed the PTI’s social media team for launching the campaign at the behest of PTI Chairman Imran Khan.


Young Boy Raped and Tortured in Lahore


4 suspects allegedly raped and tortured a 13-year-old boy in Manawan, Lahore. After making the video, they threw him in the field and escaped. 

Ahmed, Saqib and two unknown suspects kidnapped Waleed from the street. He allegedly raped her by taking her to the house. 

The police arrested the two accused.


High Court granted bail to two accused in rape cases


The accused in a malpractice case was granted bail and released by Lahore High Court Multan Bench Judge Mr. Justice Tariq Nadeem, after District Police Officer Muzaffargarh Safdar Hussain appeared in person for the case. The accused, Kaleemullah K, had a case number 816/22 on offences 377,511 registered against him at police station Qureshi district Muzaffargarh.

Similarly, in another case of sexual assault of a young child, the accused was granted bail and released by Justice Ali Zia Bajwa. The accused, Muhammad Mujahid, had filed a bail application after being arrested, and his case was registered against Police Station Galewal District Lodhran with a case number of 458/22 on offences 377,511.


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