Capital Police Trace Suspects in F-9 Park Rape Case, No Arrests Made Yet


The authorities in Islamabad have announced that they have located and identified the individuals suspected to be involved in the rape case at F-9 Park. However, no arrests have been made yet. 

The police’s public relations officer stated that the suspects’ hideout was located within the capital city, and that the identification was made with the help of Safe City and geo-fencing technology. 

According to police sources, the suspects’ use of a particular motorcycle was also a factor in their identification. It should be noted that two individuals had allegedly raped a woman at gunpoint in F-9 Park on February 2nd.


Father Shoots Teenage Daughter to Death Over Marriage Refusal in Dera Murad Jamali


On Wednesday, in Chattar tehsil of Nasirabad district, a father killed his teenage daughter because she refused to agree to an arranged marriage. 

The man, Khawnd Bakhsh, wanted his daughter, Rabina, to marry a boy he had chosen, but when she declined, he shot her and she died on the scene. The incident occurred in Pholiji village of Chattar. 

The police were informed and arrived at the site, and they have taken the body to the district hospital. The accused, who fled the scene, is being pursued by the police.


NADRA to create ‘National Sex Offenders Registry’ to identify child molesters 


Nadra Chairman Tariq Malik announced the creation of a publicly available National Sex Offenders Registry to identify child molesters in Pakistan. The registry will allow people and institutions to check if an individual has been involved in any sexual crime. 

The chairman also suggested making a “reproductive health course” mandatory for couples prior to marriage, which could aid in family planning, prevent underage marriages, and improve child health. 

The meeting also discussed adding Thalassemia status to the national database, as well as registering marginalized groups to win elections. The National Committee for Maternal and Neonatal Health introduced a reproductive health course for young adults called “Bakhabar Noujawan”.


Teenage girl allegedly kidnapped in Karachi by man she met playing online games


Police have launched an investigation after a complaint was filed by the girl’s father, who claimed that the suspect, named Abdullah, had abducted his daughter with the help of his relatives in Karachi. 

The father further claimed that Abdullah was planning to take the girl to Kuwait from Rawalpindi. CCTV footage has been obtained by the investigators to assist in the case.



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