12-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide by in a Private School in Hyderabad


12-year-old girl, Memoona, reportedly committed suicide by jumping from the third floor of a private school in Hyderabad. CCTV footage showed her scaling a railing on her school bag before jumping. 

Her mother was initially hesitant to have an autopsy done, but later agreed. The preliminary inquiry suggested that Memoona was sensitive and apparently disturbed. 

Her face was completely smashed when she fell upside down, and a full autopsy report is pending. 

The incident occurred at around 2:30pm, and the school initially resisted allowing police access to the crime scene.


Punjab Prisoners at Risk of AIDS and Hepatitis Outbreak, Warn Health Experts


Health experts and psychologists have warned that inmates in the overcrowded 42 prisons in Punjab are at risk of contracting AIDS, hepatitis B, and C. 

A recent awareness session for inmates at Attock jail aimed to educate them on prevention and cure for these diseases. There are 272 HIV positive prisoners and 517 hepatitis C positive prisoners in 33 jails. 

The Punjab government has decided to provide medicines for life-threatening diseases to inmates, and interventions in high-risk groups have started to contain the spread of the epidemic. 


Police Bust Human Trafficking Gang, Rescue Abducted Gir


Police arrested a gang of human traffickers in Upper Kohistan district and recovered a girl who was allegedly abducted on Feb 4 from Alpuri. The main accused, Hazrat Khalid, admitted to abducting and selling the girl for Rs150,000 to a man named Gul Rahman, with the help of his accomplices. 

The police also arrested the other members of the gang, who all belonged to Upper Kohistan. The girl reportedly told the police that her abductor had links to a women’s trafficking group. 



Conference calls for Code of Ethics to tackle hate speech against women


First conference by NCSW and UNDP aims to create Code of Ethics to prevent hate speech against women. Parliamentarians, ECP members, security agencies, civil society, and media personnel attended. 

NCSW recommends restrictions on the code of conduct for political parties, media, political workers, and bloggers, with disqualification from elections for violators. Punishments suggested include fines, imprisonment, blocking of accounts, public apology, de-seating of a politician, and ban of the party. 

PTA should also prohibit hate material on social media against women and form a separate cell. NCSW stresses that derogatory remarks and disrespect towards women should be discouraged by everyone.




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