20 February 2023

Staff Report


A 75-year-old Ahmadi man was killed in Gujrat, while in a surprising development, one of the accused was also found dead under suspicious circumstances at the scene of the incident.

On February 19, Dr. Rasheed Ahmed, a homeopath, was shot dead in the clinic at his residence in Gutriala area of Gujrat district. Inam-ul-Haque, one of the two suspects named in the first information report registered with Guliana Police Station, was found dead with a bullet wound to his head in a farm about 100 metres away from Rasheed’s residence. Inam’s family members told the police that he was spending time with his friends in the fields when some unknown persons shot and killed him.

According to local sources, Inam committed suicide after killing Rasheed Ahmed. The police have registered an FIR of Inam’s murder against the unidentified suspects.

Police sources told Voicepk.net that the investigation into both the murders was ongoing and so far no evidence of religious hatred has been found in the motive behind the murders.

Speaking to Voicepk.net, Zarrar Ahmed, complainant and nephew of Rasheed Ahmed informed that his uncle’s family was living abroad.

“Rasheed Ahmed’s wife, who is in Norway, was worried about her husband’s security,” he told Voicepk.net. However, Zarrar said he had no knowledge of any threat to Rasheed Ahmed, adding that they were satisfied with the police investigation so far.

Amir Mehmood, in charge of the press section of Central Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan, demanded the government immediately take measures to stop the hate campaign against the Ahmadiyya minority community. He said Rasheed had dual Pakistani and Norwegian nationality.

“Those responsible for the attacks against Ahmadis should be brought to justice,” he told Voicepk.net.


Entry to Ahmadi worship place banned: Anjuman Ahmadiyya


According to Amir Mehmood, two Ahmadis were surrounded by a mob in Kasur and threatened to close their place of worship on on February 18. These two individuals were rescued by the intervention of local residents.

Amir Mehmood said that the police have not yet registered an FIR of this incident while members of the Ahmadiyya community were not being allowed to go to their place of worship in Kasur.



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