11 February 2023

By Hamza Saeed


Today marks the 5th anniversary of the demise of one of the most iconic human rights advocates, Asma Jahangir, who defended and protected human rights in Pakistan at great personal risk.

Born in Lahore, Pakistan on January 27, 1952, Asma dedicated her life to defending the most vulnerable, marginalized, and oppressed communities in the country- women, children, religious minorities, and the poor.

A fearless champion of human rights, who boldly spoke out against military dictatorships, religious extremism, and discrimination against women and minority groups, Asma was also the co-founder of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) and served as its Secretary-General. Under her leadership, the HRCP emerged as the leading platform for highlighting gross human rights violations across the country and advocating for immediate actions.

People from all spheres of life came together on social media to commemorate the death anniversary and pay tribute to one of the bravest people the country has produced.

Foreign Minister of Pakistan and Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari acknowledged her contributions to uphold the supremacy of the constitution and stressing democratic values while staunchly resisting dictatorships of all kinds.

Former Senator and human rights activist, Afrasiab Khattak remembered Asma’s struggles by sharing an old photo of her in a rally against bonded labor in Sindh. He added that Asma stood against human rights violations of every form and at every level.

Editor-in-Chief Voicepk.net and Journalist Munizae Jahangir took to twitter with her mother’s photo and expressed her grievances by saying that she still missed her mother’s courage and had she been alive today, she would have voiced her opposition to the lynching of a blasphemy suspect by an angry mob in Nanka Sahib, Punjab.

People shared their thoughts, prayed for her, emphasized her contributions and asserted the principles on which she stood on her whole life.

Her death anniversary provided people with an opportunity to reflect upon Asma’s fight for his fellow human beings and celebrate the enduring legacy of her life’s work. Despite the fact that she’s not around us anymore, her spirit lives on, inspiring future generations to continue fighting for human rights and justice.


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