Minor Girl’s Body Retrieved from Canal After Father Confesses to Honor Killing

A minor girl’s body was retrieved from a canal near Jhang, after her father admitted to killing her and disposing of her body in the canal.

The girl, who was 12 years old, was strangled and her body was initially placed in an abandoned well in the village of Kot Khaira, which was later filled with earth.

The girl’s father, along with five relatives, had kidnapped her on December 27.

The body was retrieved by police and taken to the Jhang DHQ Hospital for an autopsy.


Man Arrested for Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Boy in Attock

A man was arrested in Attock after being accused of sexually assaulting a boy.

The victim claimed that the man held him at gunpoint, took him to his house, and sexually assaulted him before he managed to escape and report the incident to his family.

Police arrested the suspect after a medical examination confirmed the assault.


Khwaja Sira Injured in a Shooting in Lahore

In the area of Faisal Town, Lahore a Khwaja Sira was injured due to firing by unknown persons.

The accused escaped and the police shifted him to the hospital.


Woman Sentenced to Life in Prison for Possession of Hashish in Karachi

A woman was sentenced to life in prison and her accomplice was given over 12 years in prison for possession of 25 kilograms of hashish in Karachi.

The judge in the case noted that courts should not acquit suspects on technicalities and emphasized the need for adequate punishment for drug offenses to deter future crimes.

The judge also pointed out that the higher courts in the country had previously observed that drug traffickers often use women to commit crimes and then seek mercy on humanitarian grounds, but that such leniency only encourages more crimes against society.



45% of Multan’s Population Supplied with Arsenic-Contaminated Water

In Multan, 45% of the population is being supplied with arsenic-contaminated water.

This has caused a shortage of clean drinking water in the city and has resulted in 2 million people being without access to clean water.

The polluted water is causing citizens to suffer from various diseases, including stomach, skin, and liver issues.

In response to this situation, citizens have called on the government to reopen a closed water filter plant.




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