IHC Demands Report on Missing 18-Year-Old Woman


The Islamabad High Court asks for police report on missing 18-year-old woman. The case was brought to the court by the girl’s mother and her lawyer argued that the woman may have been abducted or murdered. 

The police have instead filed a theft case against her family. 

The court has given a 10-day deadline for the police to submit a report and has adjourned the case.


Four People, Including Three Women, Killed in ‘Karo-Kari’ Incidents in Sukkur


Four people, including three women, were killed in incidents related to ‘Karo-Kari’ in Sukkur on Monday. The accused include Ghahilo Taighani, Liaquat Mangi, and Asghar, who killed their partners on accusations of adultery. Ali Abbas Khaskheli was killed by his cousins over a false charge of ‘Kari.’ 

The body of Darbano Rind was recovered and her sister accused her husband, but he denies the charge and says she committed suicide. 

In a separate incident, two people were killed and three were injured in a shooting between two brothers over property in Mehar.


Swimming Pool Owner Summoned in Rape and Murder Case of 6-Year-Old Girl


Additional Sessions Judge in Lahore Mudassar Farhan summoned Ali Raza, the swimming pool owner accused in the case of rape and murder of a 6-year-old girl. 

The relatives of the girl, including her father, protested outside the courtroom, the relatives of the girl raised placards and banners.


Murder Case Filed Against Husband

A murder case was filed against a husband for marrying without his wife’s family’s consent. Sharif, while filing the case at Golra Police Station, claimed that his daughter Kanza committed suicide seven years ago after marrying Khizr Mahmood. 

Upon arrival at PIMS Hospital, Kanza was found dead. Sharif believes that his son-in-law abused and killed her by poisoning her.


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