Family alleges murder of 4-year-old girl found in sewage tank

Family alleges murder of 4-year-old girl found dead in sewage tank. The family of Mehrun Nisa, whose body was found in an uncovered sewage tank a day after going missing, believes she was murdered and dumped there to look like an accident.

The father claims the height of the tank, where the body was found, was too low for the girl to have drowned and that all tanks in the area were checked on the night she went missing, with no body found.

The family demands a proper police investigation and alleges the hospital administration demanded they purchase items for the autopsy and pay the sweepers to move the body to the morgue. 

The police say drowning can’t be ruled out and are waiting for the forensic report. The hospital’s MS admitted the family may have to purchase items if they’re not in stock.


Bara Family Accuses CTD of Illegal Raid, Calls for Justice

A family in Bara alleges CTD of performing an unlawful raid. Noor Wali and family members claimed at a press conference that CTD conducted the raid without a female officer and took away their younger brother to an unknown location along with their car. 

The CTD is accused of violating tribal customs and traditions. The family also reported a loss of money and jewelry during the raid. 

The brother, Muhammad Sabir, was arrested by the CTD and taken to an unknown place while their car was left at the Sarband Police Station.

Noor Wali requested the inspector general of police to recover his brother and hold the officers accountable, otherwise, they will protest.


Man Arrested for Brutalizing Boy in Viral Video

A man was apprehended by the police in Sukkur after a video of him viciously beating a young boy with a baton while others watched, circulated on social media. 

The police have launched a search for the man’s accomplices. According to the police, the man, who had his face covered, accused the boy of stealing potatoes.

The video shows the boy crying, begging for mercy, and resisting orders to call out to his parents. The incident took place in the Salahpat town area, according to the police.


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