Disabled Woman Burned Alive and Shot in Targeted Killing in Farid Ganj

A disabled woman was killed in Farid Ganj on Sunday night. According to city police, Anwar Bibi had a bullet wound in her head and was burned alive at her home. It is unclear at this time whether she was shot before or after the fire.

The police are treating the death as a targeted killing, but the motive is unknown. A murder investigation has been launched against unknown individuals on the complaint of the victim’s brother.

The woman, who had hearing and speech impairments, was alone in the house when neighbors discovered the fire and called rescue services. The body has been taken to Sahiwal Teaching Hospital for an autopsy.

Notice Issued to Investigating Officer for Extradition of Abductee in a Marriage of Choice

The Sindh High Court has issued a notice to the husband and investigating officer in a case involving the extradition of an alleged abductee who was taken from Karachi to Lahore and married.

The court inquired if the girl is willing to return to her parents and noted that according to a medical report, the girl wants to go with them.

The case has been pending in the family court for two months and the plaintiff had sought interim custody. The court has ordered that the alleged abductor be brought before the shelter home management.


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