Father kills daughter in Karachi court over marriage of choice

A woman was shot and killed by her father in Karachi for wanting to marry someone of her own choosing.

The incident occurred at a city court, where the victim was being taken to appear before a judge.

The father, a 65-year-old man, opened fire on his daughter and a police officer, resulting in the death of the woman and injuries to the officer. The father was arrested and his weapon was seized by police.


Sindh High Court Orders FIA Cybercrime Director to Appear in Person for Hearing on Obscene Videos and Photos

A two-member bench of Sindh High Court headed by Justice Nimatullah Phalphoto has issued a show cause notice to the Deputy Director FIA Cybercrime for not attending a petition hearing related to uploading obscene videos and photos attributed to a female lawyer.

The court expressed anger and ordered the Director FIA Cybercrime and the Director PTA to appear in person on February 7.


Father poisons three daughters and himself in Lahore, one daughter dies

In Lahore, a man poisoned his three daughters and then ingested poison himself. The four were rushed to Jinnah Hospital in critical condition, where one of the daughters, 14-year-old Zeenat, died.

The other two daughters, Ramah and Yashfeen, are being treated at the hospital. The condition of the father and the two daughters is reported to be critical.

Yesterday, another man in Lahore killed his wife and daughter before committing suicide.


Judge orders end to police harassment, release of falsely accused in Multan

An Additional Sessions Judge in Multan has ordered for the police to stop harassing a girl who is getting married of her own free will.

The judge also ordered for the bail of an accused arrested in connection to the recovery of a large quantity of liquor, who had claimed that he was falsely implicated.


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