Life Sentences for Four Teenagers Convicted in 2021 Gang Rape Case

Four teenage boys have been sentenced to life in prison by an anti-terrorism court (ATC) for their involvement in a gang rape case.

The prosecution alleged that the boys, Adeel, Subhan, Muzammil and Ariz, had called the victim, a student of 8th grade, to an empty house where they gang raped her on January 13, 2021 and filmed the incident on a mobile phone with the intent to blackmail her and threatened her with dire consequences if she disclosed the incident to anyone.

The defense argued that the victim’s statement alone was sufficient for conviction of the accused as per the Supreme Court’s ruling. The victim had implicated the four accused in her statement and medical evidence and forensic science laboratory reports of the video and mobile phone used to record the crime corroborated the charges.


Seven-year-old Child Unjustly Accused in Motorcycle-Lifting Case, Court Orders Release

A local court in Burewala expressed anger and released a seven-year-old child who was presented as an accused in a motorcycle-lifting case.

The child’s father had tried to correct the mistake with the police but was told to secure his son’s pre-arrest bail from the court.

The court summoned the SHO and sought an explanation, the SHO apologized and admitted his mistake, and after that the court ordered the removal of the boy from the case.


Six Girls Kidnapped in Twin Cities

Six girls have been reported missing in the twin cities of Islamabad. 14-year-old daughter of Muhammad Nawaz went missing from the Koral police station area, and the plaintiff has accused Istiyaq and 2 women of abduction.

The domestic servant of Muhammad Adil Sajjad was kidnapped from the PWD area of Lohi Bhir police station by an unknown person under the pretense of marriage.

In the limits of Sadiqabad Police Station, Hamid’s wife (A), Waheed’s daughter (M), Aslam’s daughter (S), Ghulam Tanveer’s niece (A) were kidnapped from the airport limits.



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